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How To Program Scene Controllers And Remote Controls From the Device Menu On the Z-Box Hub

## The Z-Box Hub provides multiple ways to create a scene. You can follow the standard [block scene creation flow][1], or you can even program the scene straight from the remote control device menu for a simplified and faster approach. Check out the easy step-by-step guide below! You'll need to ensure that you're log…

How To Program Z-Wave Remotes And Button Devices on Your Z-Box Hub

## Programming and managing button devices that use the central scene command class can be a hassle on other systems. The Z-Box Hub makes that functionality very accessible. You can assign actions to the buttons on a smart remote or a smart switch that supports multi-tap triggers either [straight from the device][1] o…

How To Create And Manage Alarm Zones On Your Z-Box Hub

### Create alarm zones using your smart security devices, including sensors and sirens. Based on these alarm triggers, you can program notifications, trip other Z-wave devices, and activate existing scenes. _**FIRST, SET YOUR SECURITY PIN**_ Before you start creating and arming your alarm zones, it's important that …

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